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“You are a Miracle worker” from an email concerning Kevin’s take-over of an extremely distressed N. Florida property that was brought up to standard without additional owner funds and ultimately sold for a significant profit.

L. Mey

HUD Contractor Administrator

“Kevin put together a budget-based rent increase presentation for HUD who approved my property for an unheard of 13.7% (rent) increase. Results from changes he initiated were almost immediate.  Financially, they have made a big difference creating economic efficiencies. 


As we continue to acquire additional apartment communities they are the people we would trust with the management.  I am not concerned about my asset any longer because Grail Management Group is: involved, committed, conscientious, and dedicated to managing our property efficiently”

Denny Saviano

Owner, Harbour Court Apartments

“Kevin managed our apartment community in Deland, Florida for over 10 years. He did a great job for us, a true professional He was directly involved with local management and employees, budgeting, planning and contract negotiations, the whole gambit”.

Ed Thomas

Owner, Spring Garden Apartments, Wickshire Apartments

“He took over the property following the sudden resignation of the previous management company and proved very adept at handling the property and finding solutions to bring it up to speed in a cost effective manner. Financial records were well kept, always accurate and timely. Management was courteous and professional. No matter what the situation, Kevin Grail was always calm and ready with a solution.  The property presented numerous difficulties. Kevin brought it around to the point it could be profitably sold.  I found him to be the model of professionalism.” 

Hon. Toby Unwin, Austrian Consulate

Owner – Stone Mill Run

“This letter is written to express my confidence in Mr. Kevin Grail as a Property Manager of apartment complexes. I was a Partner in several complexes where Kevin was in charge of management. Whenever I visited a property with Kevin that he was responsible for, I noticed a professional with a calm and stable demeanor who knew what he was doing and interacted well with his staff of managers, maintenance men, suppliers, and tenants. He produced sound financial results.”

Lee Noel

Noel Properties, Inc., Nashville, TN

“Kevin can be relied upon to be conscientious, honest, innovative and industrious. During the real estate recession of 2008-2011, our properties were able to maintain profitability, largely due to Kevin's efforts. Kevin was respected by on-site personnel that reported to him and maintained employee enthusiasm and morale during that difficult period.”

David Strong

Owner – Conway Club, Eagle Rock I & II, Palms East, Imperial Towers, Canterbury Place, Moultrie Apartments, Pinehurst, Sterling Lakes, Gateway, Duke Tower

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Having worked with Kevin Grail for approximately 20 years I am uniquely qualified to give my wholehearted recommendation for him as an asset manager of multi-family properties and as a friend. As President of the company, Kevin managed properties profitably allowing for quarterly returns to investors, and multi-million dollar returns upon the sale of those properties. As a leader in IREM, NAA and SAHMA, Kevin always was on the forefront of innovation in our industry and our investors reaped the benefits of that knowledge and leadership ability.

Pat Curry

Controller and Office Manager, Strong Management, Inc.

Kevin Grail stands out as a leader in the Apartment Industry.  Kevin cares about the employees that make the company.  He is always there when you need him (day or night).  In all my years of experience, some people stand out for their great qualities and Kevin is one of those people.   Kevin makes you want to work your hardest and be the best employee that you can be. He makes you feel appreciated as an employee and is always willing to listen to your opinions.

Pat Watts

Property Manager – Wickshire and Christopher Woods

Kevin is a well- rounded Leader who implemented various programs to assist managers in making their property successful. His enthusiasm and encouragement inspires you to do your very best.  I worked with Kevin for nearly twenty years.  During that time he displayed great understanding, leadership and professionalism.

Steve Curry

Manager, Danube

Kevin Grail was one of the best managers I have had.  From my first encounter to the last day I worked with Kevin, he never changed.  No matter how bad the situation seemed, he would always open your eyes to the positive.   As an Assistant Manager, I appreciated his willingness to initiate new ideas and work  with you, and  not just give oversight to see them through.   When working with Kevin, he wants everyone to succeed!!!

Nikasha Wise

Asst. Site Manager, Eagle Rock I

Kevin is a Joy to work for. After 15 years of working with Kevin from a Manager’s point of View.  I can say he is all hands on, not in an oppressive way, but in a let’s do this together way. It’s refreshing to work with someone like Kevin Grail.  He really knows his work and does it exceptionally well.

Paul Epps

CPO, Property Manager, Eagle Rock I Apartments

Don’t know if I told you – but I do appreciate all the help you gave me when I started at Madison.  I learned a lot from you

Beth Cary

CPO, Property Manager, Madison Heights Apartments

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